Wholesale Incident Information

IPBB-Störung Sirnach, Münchwilen

Start:11/20/2023 8:45 AM
Assumed duration of disturbance:11/24/2023 8:00 PM

This service is affected:

ServiceImpact Description

Description/ current status:
Some customers in Sirnach and Münchwilen are experiencing occasional performance problems.

8370 Sirnach, 9542 Münchwilen TG

Technical details:
Network element type: DSLAM-micro CAN (micro Copper Access Node); designation: ipd-s64j750-s-ph-01, ipd-s64u750-s-ph-01, ipd-s65l750-s-bh-01, ipd-s65s750-s-bh-01, ipd-s67e750-s-ph-02, ipd-s67p750-s-ph-01, ipd-s67z750-s-bh-01, ipd-s69a750-s-ph-01, ipd-s88r750-s-ph-01, ipd-sk9q750-s-bh-01, ipd-xe6z750-s-ph-01, ipd-xe7j750-s-ph-01, ipd-xe7z750-s-ph-02, ipd-xe8f750-s-ph-01, ipd-xe8t750-s-ph-01, ipd-xe8y750-s-ph-02, ipd-xe8z750-s-ph-01, ipd-xe9x750-s-ph-01 Type of net element: Aggregator (Remote Aggregator für FTTs/b); Designation: IPD-SIR750-S-HH-07

After a long period of observation, we have discovered that the fault has not yet been rectified. Unfortunately, the solutions implemented so far have not led to the desired success. Further remedial measures have been initiated. Field Service has been called out.