Wholesale Incident Information

IPBB-Störung Sirnach, Münchwilen

Start:11/20/2023 8:45 AM
Assumed duration of disturbance:11/24/2023 8:00 PM

This service is affected:

ServiceImpact Description

Description/ current status:
The disturbance has been resolved. Systems/ services function normally again.

8370 Sirnach, 9542 Münchwilen TG

Technical details:
Network element type: DSLAM-micro CAN (micro Copper Access Node); designation: ipd-s64j750-s-ph-01, ipd-s64u750-s-ph-01, ipd-s65l750-s-bh-01, ipd-s65s750-s-bh-01, ipd-s67e750-s-ph-02, ipd-s67p750-s-ph-01, ipd-s67z750-s-bh-01, ipd-s69a750-s-ph-01, ipd-s88r750-s-ph-01, ipd-sk9q750-s-bh-01, ipd-xe6z750-s-ph-01, ipd-xe7j750-s-ph-01, ipd-xe7z750-s-ph-02, ipd-xe8f750-s-ph-01, ipd-xe8t750-s-ph-01, ipd-xe8y750-s-ph-02, ipd-xe8z750-s-ph-01, ipd-xe9x750-s-ph-01 Type of net element: Aggregator (Remote Aggregator für FTTs/b); Designation: IPD-SIR750-S-HH-07

The faulty equipment was replaced.