Wholesale Incident Information

Infrastruktur-Störung Avers

Start:11/24/2023 9:36 PM
Assumed duration of disturbance:11/25/2023 12:00 PM

This service is affected:

ServiceImpact Description

Description/ current status:
There is a fault in the external power supply.

7447 Cresta (Avers)

Technical details:
Network element type: DSLAM-micro CAN (micro Copper Access Node); designation: ipd-cz7b660-s-ph-01 ipd-cz7e660-s-ph-02 ipd-cz7d660-s-ph-01 ipd-cz7c660-s-ph-01 ipd-cz7f660-s-ph-01 ipd-cz7e660-s-ph-01 ipd-cz7g660-s-ph-01 Network element type: RPU (Remote Power Unit); designation: trphcro660-01 Network element type: Aggregator (Remote Aggregator for FTTs/b); designation: ipd-cro660-s-hh-06 Network element type: DSLAM-CAN (Copper Access Node); designation: ipd-cro660-s-ch-05 ipd-jupa660-s-ch-01 ipd-infa660-s-ch-01 Network element type: DSLAM-FAN (Fiber Access Node); designation: ipd-cro660-s-fh-07 Network element type: Access leaf; designation: ipi-cro660-r-al-51 Network element type: Router; designation: nu-mob-ch-infe-r-001 nu-mob-ch-inva-r-001 nu-mob-ch-juff-r-001 nu-mob-ch-aver-r-001 Network element type: SONATE; Designation: Campsut Cröt/CRO-Thusis/THU 25600S 1001 Andeer/AND-Campsut Cröt/CRO 25600S 1001

The rectification has been initiated. The supplier is working with us to rectify the fault. An emergency generator has been installed. The power line has been replaced by EW