Wholesale Incident Information

Infrastruktur-Störung [6340 Baar]

Start:11/29/2023 10:55 AM
Assumed duration of disturbance:11/29/2023 11:01 AM

This service is affected:

ServiceImpact Description

Description/ current status:
The disturbance has been resolved. Systems/ services function normally again.

6340 Baar

Technical details:
The technical details will be published with the update notification. Type of net element: DSLAM micro CAN (micro Copper Access Node); Designation: ipd-bw5s710-s-bh-01, ipd-bw6q710-s-bh-01, ipd-bw7c710-s-bh-01, ipd-bx1a710-s-bh-01, ipd-bx1g710-s-bh-01, ipd-bx2u710-s-bh-01, ipd-bx3c710-s-bh-01, ipd-bx4k710-s-bh-01, ipd-bx5f710-s-bh-01, ipd-bx5o710-s-bh-01, ipd-bx5w710-s-bh-01, ipd-bx5z710-s-bh-01, ipd-bx7d710-s-bh-01, ipd-bx8r710-s-bh-01, ipd-bx9h710-s-bh-01, ipd-bx9n710-s-bh-01, ipd-by1g710-s-bh-01

No further measures will be taken.