Wholesale Incident Information

Zugang zum IPBB Netz in den Regionen Sulgen, Bischofszell, Rickenbach (Wil) teilweise sporadisch unterbrochen

Start:11/29/2023 10:30 AM
Assumed duration of disturbance:12/4/2023 4:00 PM

This service is affected:

ServiceImpact Description

Description/ current status:
From 26.11. to 29.11., we noticed an increased number of sporadic interruptions for some customers in the regions mentioned above. These were detected in the form of poor line quality, interruptions or TV performance.

Regionen in Bischofszell, Sulgen und Rickenbach (Wil)

Technical details:
Connection network750 in the Sulgen, Bischofszell and Rickenbach (Wil) region.

Remedy initiated The specialists are pursuing various possible solutions. The supplier has been involved in troubleshooting. Analysis and monitoring are being continued.